B.A.T. (Behavior Analysis Tracker)

B.A.T version 1 is a tool for behavioral psychologists to record data from observing patient behaviors and produce meaningful feedback for implementing interventions. This application was built in AngularJS for a smooth user experience and allows users to customize their session interface.

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B.A.T. version 2 aims to include helpful new features such as sharing Code Sets, sharing Sessions, and Inter-Observer Agreement to test the validity of an observer's recorded data.

Unique Media Systems

Unique Media Systems is New Hampsire based company that excels at serving the Audio/Video engineering needs of New England city halls, townships, and educational instuitions. This site was built using Zurb's Foundation framework.

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Javascript Koans

Javascript koans is an interactive learning environment that uses failing tests to teach aspects of JavaScript in a logical sequence. I used this enviornment to learn the range of charasteritics of the Javascript language.

C# Koans

A set of Koans to teach C#. Based on EdgeCase's RubyKoans. I used this enviornment to learn th range of charasteritics of the C# language.